Obsessed with service.


Whether you are a meticulous vehicle owner in need of wheel repair or a progressive auto dealer wanting to improve the cycle times of your pre-owned inventory, Image Auto has the knowledge, talent and experience to deliver consistent and affordable solutions. 


Why Image Auto

They say that you must be passionate about something to be truly great at it.  At Image Auto there aren’t any of us get really passionate about dyeing a carpet from gray to darker gray. No one wakes up excited to clean brake dust off of a wheel or to repair a curb damaged rim, outside, on a 20 degree day in the middle of a Buffalo winter.  But there is indeed an underlying passion.

We are passionate about provision. This means we want to provide for our families, each other, and our business partners. This is why we’ve named our Mission, Vision and Values “ProVision”. It is our professional vision as well as the provision for our livelihood. There is a true bond between the men and women on our team.


Image Auto family at our annual winter party