Your margins are being COMPRESSED, but there is hope.


Dealers across the country are facing the same problem: merely selling more cars is no longer enough to fix margin compression. It’s time to sound the alarm.

"Compressed" is a 10 part video series creatively adapted from the new book, Like I See It.

We are taking responsibility for making our industry better. Who the heck are we? One small, but engaged contributor.

Image Auto is a Syracuse, NY-based company who has been helping dealers solve reconditioning challenges since 2003. We are also a creative agency which goes by the name β€œCongruent”.

We hope this informed (and hopefully entertaining) content serves as inspiration to embrace key changes that could save dealerships and make it better for all of us.

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The Inspiration

Dale's new book, Like I See It, provides insight into how adapting to these changes brings strength back to dealers.

Image Auto founder and CEO, Paul J Daly, obsesses over clarity of message. When he heard that dealers find themselves spread too thin to address the problems of their business model, he sought Dale's blessing to use his resources at Congruent to "Preach the 'Like I See It' gospel."