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Curbs can be bad news for your rims, but we have good news! In the vast majority of cases, Image Auto's Rim Doctor wheel repair will make it as if the fateful contact never happened!  We have repaired tens of thousands of wheels that have sustained contact damage and we can get your wheels looking better than ever in no time.    


Rim Doctor has been helping contact damage victims like you for well over a decade...there isn't any type of damage we haven't seen (or any excuse we haven't heard :) Couple that knowledge and experience with the fact that we use only the absolute highest quality materials in all of our repairs and it is no wonder we stand by all of our complete wheel-face refinishes with our Lifetime Warranty.  


Here is an example of a standard curb damaged wheel.  Your Rim Doctor professional will take your wheel through our standard procedure which considers many factors such as wheel manufacturer, finish type, color matching and TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) which guarantee you consistently brilliant results.  

Contact damage repaired, prepping for finish

Contact damage repaired, prepping for finish

Prepped wheel, tire being prepped

Prepped wheel, tire being prepped

Damage repaired, lifetime warranty

Damage repaired, lifetime warranty


Once the new finish has properly cured, the tire is re-inflated and your wheel is ready to go.   Of course, we can't guarantee that you will never hit that curb again, but if you do, rest assured that Rim Doctor can administer the remedy. Whether you want to keep your wheels in showroom condition, have a lease turn in that needs repair, are listing your pre-owned vehicle for sale on Auto Trader, Craigslist, eBay or otherwise, we have the solution that is right for you.  

Wheel Refinishing Pricing Starting at 125* /ea

There are two types of contact damage repair options.  Type and extent of damage dictates eligibility.  See below for details.  

*Custom finishes may require an additional fee

Full Refinish of Wheel Face $135/wheel*

This is our highest quality repair.  First, the front and back of the wheel is thoroughly cleaned.  Next, the tire is deflated and pushed below the edge of the rim to ensure that the new finish wraps around the edge of the wheel for added durability over time.  Then, all contact damage is repaired we meticulously prep the wheel, add a masking layer to protect the tire and proceed to refinish the entire face of the wheel.  Once the finish is properly cured, we remove the masking, re-inflate the tire and your wheel is ready for action.  

Full Refinish of a Set of 4 Wheels $500/set*

If you need all four of your wheels repaired/refinished, we are able to save handling time and material usage. We pass that savings on to you.  Same great finish, same lifetime warranty, greater value for you.  

Full Refinish AND Straightening Service: $175/wheel

Mounting and Balancing Services

Dismount/Mount/Balance:  $25/per tire
(add $5 for wheels over 20")

Mount/Balance Only:  $20/per tire
(add $5 for wheels over 20")

Balance Only: $10/per tire

Waste Tire Disposal: $2.50/each

*Additional charges may apply to multi-piece wheels


Let's get started.

Call or email us now to asses your damage or schedule and appointment. Remember, it is impossible to advise you accurately without clear photos of the damage.  If emailing, is best to include both a photo of the entire wheel as well as close up of the worst damage.   You may also stop by our shop anytime Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm and we would be happy to take a look in person.