Growth is Hard.  

If you are expecting to grow and aren't ready for pain, you are about to be seriously discouraged.  
2013-2014 was a year marked by wrestling through growth for Image Auto. At this year's annual retreat, instead one sided celebration of this growth, we addressed the pain associated by producing this short film in house.  It is our hope that it will better your understanding of what it is to partner with Image Auto.    


Growth is a transaction.  It’s not a gift. 

Growth costs something. 

Who doesn’t say they want to grow? 

Who isn’t excited about the potential benefits of growth?

How many of us fail to measure the cost? to expect the conflict and the tension?

...get surprised and demotivated when they show up?

Growth hurts...even scars. 

Childhood development, fitness, physics, relationships…

We learn to walk, run and ride a bike by way of bumps and bruises.

Our bodies require pain in order to be conditioned to be stronger, run faster, last longer.

Because of the tension of wind resistance on a car, it takes about 75 horsepower to get to a hundred mph, but almost 500 to reach 200mph. 

And how about love? It is so easy to grow in relationship in those early days.  What does it take to stretch that into months?  Years?  Decades? 

It takes huge investment, long lists of hurts and forgiveness. 

Investment.  Pain.  Growth. 

The more you learn, the stronger you get, the faster you go, the deeper and richer the relationship…the more it takes to get to that next step. 

When you look at objectively.  From outside the emotions and pain and struggle, it seems to me that

Growth doesn’t really bring us into conflict with these other elements of resistance;

Growth brings us into conflict with ourselves.  

So now we continue to take our next steps together.

Growth: We don’t expect it to be easy. 


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